Tour of Sites in Northern Israel 2020

$ 1,550.00

This 5-day pre-season tour is intended to provide participants with a regional overview of archaeological material in northern Israel. The tour includes visits to numerous sites which represent a broad chronological range from the the Early Bronze Age to the Early Islamic and Crusader eras. Visits to the sites are accompanied by historical, archaeological, and geographical lectures given by Megiddo Expedition Director Matthew J. Adams. This program will provide an enriching experience for all participants and contextualize the excavations at Megiddo and Legio within the regional and chronological framework of the area.

Sites include: Tel Dan (Bronze and Iron Ages), Baniyas (Graeco-Roman), Hazor (Bronze and Iron Ages), Capernum (New Testament), Bellevoir (Crusader), Sepphoris (Graeco-Roman), Nazareth (New Testament), Beth Shean (Bronze age to Byzantine), Jezreel (Iron Age). 

Includes lodging, transportation, Breakfast and Dinner (lunch is at participant's expense).

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Price includes 3% online payment fee.

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