Megiddo Expedition

Megiddo, world-renown and celebrated, is the jewel in the crown of Biblical archaeology. Strategically perched above the Jezreel Valley, it guards the most important land route in the Ancient Near East--the Via Maris leading from Egypt to Mesopotamia. Megiddo dominated international traffic for over 6000 years--from c.7000 BCE through the Biblical era--and today is considered one of Israel’s most significant archaeological sites. As a World Heritage Site, Megiddo’s many monuments dating to the times reflected in the Bible offer everyone a special opportunity to view study and enjoy the ancient biblical world.

Excavations in Bronze and Iron Age areas of the tel will be underway from June 26 to July 21, 2022. Participants from all over the world and all walks of life are welcome to apply! Come for the full four weeks or customize the duration of your stay. Both undergraduate and graduate students can earn 3 or 6 Tel Aviv University Credits. An optional Pre-Season Tour of Sites in Northern Israel is also Available!

For more information visit the Megiddo Expedition Website.

**We welcome participants for shorter stays. Contact Team Member Coordinator, Margaret Cohen for details: